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Okay, I think the weather is finally done kicking my butt. Whew! I’m not even going to try to post the missing posts at this point. I’m just going to give you a whole ton of images in this post, and a ton of sentiments in the next. Fair enough I hope?

Okay, onto the images!

To SAVE any image, click on it to view it full-sized, and then right-click to save it to your computer. Feel free to use these images any way you want – they are made groom public domain / no use restriction images or from my own word art of various sentiments. Attribution is NOT necessary, but would be nice. Sharing the link with your friends would be even nicer! Thanks! (If you want to follow me on Networked Blogs on Facebook, or on Twitter, or other social media, there are buttons in the right hand column.) Comments to let me know you like these or to suggest images / sentiments you want / need are most welcome. Oh, and links / emails etc. to show how you used these will help to inspire me to continue to create them (And don’t forget to enter my contest for OWH cards made with my images!). Thanks again!

First, Thanksgiving and Christmas, starting with a turkey… yeah, he’s a little stiff – I didn’t draw him! – but maybe someone can use him!



Then, for Christmas, this picture of the Annunciation:


The Annunciation - from a Victorian engraving.

And now, an odd picture that I took something smaller from:

Rabbit's Bride

Victorian Illustration for the Brothers Grimm tale 'The Rabbit's Bride'.

But I thought the rabbit couple in the back was cute:

Rabbit couple

Rabbit couple. Aren't they cute?

Next, a few small images:

Water-baby on Turtle

An illustration from Charles Kingsley's 1916 classic _The Water-babies_, illustrated by Jessie Willcox Smith.

Knight on horse

Knight on a horse with flourishes - from a chapter end of an antique book.


Hedgehog - a small illustration from a Victorian children's magazine.

For our Asian lovers out there, some Japanese lanterns and a boy catching fish:

Japanese lanterns

Japanese lanterns

Boy catching fish

Boy catching fish, from a Chinese cut-paper design.

Now some flowers, which are always fun to color!


Anemone - the flower after which the sea anemone was named.


Foxglove - pretty to look at but don't eat them! They are poisonous!

Everyone liked the White Rabbit when I put him up, I thought I’d put up another picture of him, also from the original drawings by Sir John Tenniel for Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland:

White Rabbit

The White Rabbit checks his pocket watch...

One more miscellaneous vintage image of a very long tailed mouse (he was a chapter heading in a Victorian children’s book):

Long tailed mouse with border

With his border...

Long tailed mouse without border

...and without it.

And finally, some stamps that can be used with some of the sentiments I’m going to post in here in the next post:

Electric guitar

Electric guitar, to go with the 'You Rock' sentiment coming next post.

Thumbs up

Thumbs up for teen cards.

And finally, for blowing kisses across the miles, a lipstick kiss. I made it not only in black and white, but also red and pink:

Lipstick kiss
Lipstick kiss
Lipstick kiss in red
Lipstick kiss in red lipstick, in case you want to print it out in color!
Lipstick kiss in pink
And finally in bubblegum pink, in red is just a little too much!

Whew! I hope this goes a long way in making up for my failure to post for a couple of days! Hopefully the weather will stay in the tolerable range, if not exactly cool for the next few days at least!



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