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I designed this image a while ago, and adjusted it to be square for my avatar on Artfire. Now for all my friends who either sell handmade goods or want to support buying handmade goods, here is the “Buy Handmade” girl:


Buy Handmade Rosie

Made from the public domain "We Can Do It!" poster from WWII. The image is 650 x 650, so please feel free to resize if you need to do so.

When I get around to it, I will shrink it to “blog sidebar size” but feel free to do that on your own if you have the means. My computer with my graphics program is down for the count – meaning I won’t have access to it until I can get an IT friend of mine to dissect it and recover what can be recovered. I’m still learning to use GIMP. This means, alas, that the Saturday Digital Freebie is going to be no more until I do have graphics capability again. Sorry!



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Craft Link: Craft Gossip

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Craft Gossip [] isn’t just a craft blog – it’s a whole group of craft blogs, all rolled into one. They have tons of links to all sorts of tutorials, crafts, indie artists, and craft shows. They have a blog about jewelry, one about stamping, another about scrapbooking, another about food… the list goes on. If you are a serious crafter, or just a fan of handmade things, this is a must read.

Too much fun! I think I’m going to be spending a few hours – regularly – over there!


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I hope to have a daily post with a public domain image. This means you are free to use it as you please. It is out of copyright due to age, or was never copyrighted.

This first one is an image I made – modified from the iconic Rosie the Riveter poster, from the US National Archives Archival Research Catalog. The original image was made for the US War Production Board, ca. 1942-1943 by J. Howard Miller. [Type the ARC ID number 535413 into the search box of the catalog to see the original.] The original image is marked ‘unrestricted’ under usage, so I took it and modified it. The following two images are the result, and I release both into the public domain as well.

Currently being hosted by photo hosting. Thanks!

Currently being hosted by photo hosting. Thanks!

Image currently hosted at photo hosting. Thanks!

Image currently hosted at photo hosting. Thanks!

Please take them and make good use of them. Use the first one to link to your online shop, your Etsy shop, your favorite indie shop – in short, anywhere people can buy cool handmade stuff! Make pins! Be creative!

Most of all, have fun! Until tomorrow’s image….


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