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TARDIS Socks Color Work Charts

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I based my charts on ones created by Jen Stone-Gerardy of Knitolution Designs (see her blog here) for a needlepoint-on-plastic-canvas design for a TARDIS tissue box cover. I used her charts with permission to make mine. The design is essentially hers with some minor modifications.

The full design requires a cast on of 72 stitches total around – to many for some people. For a smaller stitch count, eliminate the side panel charts, and since the TARDIS part of the charts is 29 st wide, add one to each side for a total count of 60. If you prefer 64 you can add 3 to each side.

I’ve charted the side panel (which has two hearts and the word “Sexy” in reference to the episode The Doctor’s Wife, written by Neil Gaiman) separately as well to help either knit it on the sides or for a separate inclusion on the instep stitches of the foot of the sock. You don’t have to use it, and you can also use different words, etc., if you prefer, but I haven’t charted them.

I used Excel to make the charts, and the main background color is navy / dk. blue. Additional colors in the chart are white, TARDIS blue, black, and red. (No red if you eliminate the side panels.) Since the charts use letter symbols, I suggest coloring them in with crayons, markers, or colored pencils for ease of reading.

Many thanks to Jen Stone-Gerardy for letting me base these on her charts.



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