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Western College for Women, Class of 1904.

Western College for Women, Oxford, Ohio, Class of 1904. From the Detroit Publishing Co Collection, Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress. LOC #LC-D4-43148

Here’s another very formal portrait of the (surprisingly small) Class of 1904 from the Western College for Women in Oxford, Ohio. I wonder if that was, or still is, part of Oxford University there?

Just idly wondering, mind you. I chose this because the women all look so serious. I thought maybe they would look more excited or happy about their accomplishment, but no, they all seem to have that “We are educated, therefore we must be serious” vibe going. Okay, maybe it is just me; but I find myself fighting the urge to take a copy of this picture and doodle on it – putting rabbit ears behind some of the women, or alien antennae, or something to lighten up the mood a bit.

In any case, click on the image to see it or download it full-sized (whether for doodling or not!).



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