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Let's Grow a Victory Garden

French WWI poster, 'Cultivons Notre Potager' (Let's Grow a (Victory) Garden), 1918. signed Louisette Jaeger. From the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, LOC #LC-USZC2-4052

Okay, my son has a passion for growing things, and this year we only managed to grow cabbage. Two cabbages to be precise.  But one of them has turned out to be a huge cabbage – the size of a basketball! My goodness! (See the picture at the end of the post of Ben proudly displaying his handiwork.)

This got me thinking about fall and fall harvests, and when I found this French WWI poster, it seemed perfect for this time of year. Especially since it has either a cabbage or a lettuce head as a big part of the design!

But I also like it for it’s straight-forward simplicity. It made me think it would be a good Daily Public Domain image. I’m actually thinking of using it for some decoupage projects I’ve been considering for the kitchen. As always, click on the image to see it or download it full-sized.



Ben with his prize cabbage

My son Ben with his HUGE basketball sized head of cabbage, Sept. 2010. This photo copyright Rebecca K. (blog owner) and not Public Domain.

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