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Knight leading a charge

Illustration of a knight leading a charge, from _Royal Children of English History_ by Edith Nesbit. Illustration by May Bowley. From before 1924. From a Project Gutenberg e-book.

I found this fun illustration in a Project Gutenberg e-book, entitled Royal Children of English History by E. Nesbit (Edith Nesbit 1858-1924). There were two illustrators for the book – Frances Brundage and M. (May) Bowley. This image is by May Bowley. There was no date of publication given for the book; but since Edith Nesbit died in 1924, it almost certainly predates that. The style of illustrations would, if I had to guess, place it in the last decade of the 19th c. (1890-1900) or the first decade of the 20th (1900-1910).

Since I haven’t read the book, I’m not sure who this is supposed to be or why he seems to be leading a charge. Or why he seems to be standing in water. But that doesn’t diminish the wonderful action of the illustration. Perhaps one of you can give him a monster or enemy to attack. Click to see him/download him full-sized.


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