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St. Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, so I thought I would go see what was out there in the world of crafting! What I found were some fun and interesting tutorials by my fellow crafty bloggers. So here I am to share these fun finds with you.

First up, we have a tutorial for a lovely paper heart garland from Chandra over at Oh Lovely Day, a blog devoted to crafts and DIY for weddings. But the heart garland works for Valentine’s Day also!

Heart Garland at Oh Lovely Day.

Paper Heart Garland Tutorial

Next up is a fun and funky Valentine Heart Wreath made with a wire coat hanger and strips of fabric, from Desirée at The 36th Avenue:

Heart Wreath on The 36th Avenue

Heart Wreath Tutorial

And finally, a fun little tutorial on tags with stitched hearts for your Valentine gifts, cards, or scrapbook pages, from Kelly Rowe over at Live, Laugh, Rowe:

Stitched Heart Tag Tutorial

Stitched Heart Tutorial

Have fun exploring the web and making things for Valentine’s Day!



Wondering what to do with some of the images you find on my blog?

Well, if you make sure to print them out either on a laser printer, or make photocopies of them, you can make magnets! Check out this cool tutorial from One Artsy Mama! Now, she and her kids used images from a magazine but this will work with any images that aren’t ink jet printed. (Note: Inkjet printed images tend to run when paint, Modge Podge, glue, or anything semi-liquid is applied to them.) Just make sure your images are printed small enough to fit under the little glass pebbles. You could also get glass cabochons (here are some at Firemountain Gems) if you’d like larger magnets.

Anyway, here is the link to the tutorial:


Link to the tutorial @ One Artsy Mama. (Image from One Artsy Mama and NOT public domain.)





Five pointed Star stencil
Stencil shape for a five pointed star. From Wikipedia Commons.

Okay, why am I putting up such a simple shape as a graphic? So you can make patriotic t-shirts for this weekend if you are so inclined!

What you need is this stencil, freezer paper, fabric paint, blank t-shirts, and an iron. Oh, and this freezer-paper stencil tutorial on Hettie Schott’s Celtic Mommy blog!
Make some star-spangled shirts for Memorial Day!!

Looking for ideas for homemade things to make as gifts this year?

Well, this link to the Not Made of Money blog will help you gather ideas. It is a list of links to all sorts of homemade gift ideas that you can either make or use as spring boards to other ideas! Think about giving someone else something homemade!



I’ve been hearing a lot by crafters around the net about shirt stenciling using freezer paper. It looks easy and has surprisingly sophisticated results for so humble a technique. But don’t take my word for it, check out this freezer-paper stencil tutorial on Hettie Schott’s Celtic Mommy blog. [Maybe make some Hanukkah t-shirts with the DPDs from a couple of days ago.]

This isn’t the only wonderful ideas she has on her blog, so even though she’s taking a hiatus from it, check out the blog! Learn to recycle broken crayons into fun shaped bigger ones, make your own clog-busting pore-cleaning ‘strips’, and make scrubbing bath salts! Hettie has been having lots of fun with her kids! Check it out!



I found this wonderfully simple tutorial for making your own scratch pads – an especially good way to recycle / upcycle old paper that has only been printed on one side.

The author of A Big Cup of Tea blog used her daughter’s old papers from school – you know, the letters home to parents, and worksheets, and school newsletters – all those one sided pieces of copied paper! Just the paper, scissors or a paper cutter, white glue, and some clothes pins, and viola!

Check it out and while you are there, also check out her amazing list of fall / Halloween craft / decorating ideas.

Peace, and have fun!


Here’s a really cool tutorial by ReFabulous on her blog. It shows you how to make cool flowers from scraps of synthetic polyester fabric. She made hers into bobby pins for your hair. My daughter is going to LOVE this! [My younger daughter being a bit of a Diva, you know....]

How to make Pretty little flowers for your hair.

Have fun! Great tut ReFabulous! :)